Anhur (Han-her) – Known as Onuris by the Greeks

Anubis – God of one’s dead in the embalming. Guy out of Nephthys and Osiris, father off Qebhet. Anubis is actually depicted because the a person toward head away from an effective canine otherwise jackal carrying a staff. The guy led the newest souls of dry with the Hall of Information and are area of the ritual of your own Weighing out-of the center of the Heart about afterlife. He had been perhaps the unique Goodness of the Inactive ahead of one to character obtained so you’re able to Osiris, where go out he was produced Osiris’ guy.

Anuke – A combat deity to start with and another of one’s earliest deities away from Egypt, both consort of Anhur, jesus away from combat. She came into this world of Nephthys and, so you’re able to a reduced education, Isis which is regarded in a few messages because their young aunt. Early depictions tell you the woman when you look at the competition top that have bow and arrow however, she was changed into a moms and dad Deity and you may nurturing contour. The brand new Greeks relevant her having Hestia.

Apep (Apophis) – Apep, this new celestial serpent assaulted the sun barge regarding Ra per night whilst generated their means through the underworld into the this new dawn. Gods as well as the rationalized inactive do let Ra fend the newest serprent off. Brand new ritual also known as Overthrowing out of Apophis try did during the temples to greatly help the fresh new gods and you will departed souls manage the fresh new barge and you can make sure the upcoming off big date.

Apis – This new Divine Bull worshipped during the Memphis because the an enthusiastic incarnation of the jesus Ptah. One of several very first gods from old Egypt portrayed toward Narmer Palette (c. 3150 BCE). The fresh Apis Cult is perhaps one of the most essential and you can long-stayed in the annals out-of Egyptian society.

Arensnuphis – Spouse towards deity Isis and worshipped generally at the lady sacred website at Philae. He had been portrayed since a lion or a man that have a feathered headdress. Originally of Nubia.

Asclepius (Aesculapius) – A jesus away from healing of your Greeks and worshipped within the Egypt during the Saqqara and identified towards the deified Imhotep. Their symbol, possibly derived from the fresh new god Heka, are an employee with a snake entwined about any of it, associated in the present big date which have healing in addition to medical community, referred to as Pole out-of Asclepius.

Inside the are muselk and oasis dating Egyptian mythology, she actually is given just like the good consort setting, including Anat, of the goddess Neith

Aten – The sunlight drive, to begin with a sunrays goddess who had been raised by the pharaoh Akhenaten (1353-1336 BCE) to the position away from sole jesus, creator of your own world.

Astarte – Phoenician deity off virility and you may sexuality, will closely equated having Aphrodite of your Greeks, Inanna/Ishtar of Mesopotamia, and you may Sauska of one’s Hittites; also known as King off Heaven

Atum (Ra) – The sunlight jesus, supreme lord of gods, basic god of your Ennead (tribunal from nine gods), blogger of the market and you will people. Atum (Ra) ‘s the earliest divine getting exactly who stands to the fundamental mound in the midst of chaos and you will brings with the enchanting pushes regarding Heka to produce other gods, people, and you can lifetime in the world

Ba’al – Storm jesus to start with away from Phoenicia. Their label function “Lord” with his was a primary goddess during the Canaan simply worshipped inside the Egypt throughout the afterwards time of the The fresh Empire (1570-1069 BCE).

Ba’alat Gebal – Phoenician goddess of city of Byblos, a protector goddess, contained in Egyptian praise through the girl organization with papyrus, and that originated in Byblos.

Banebdjedet – A fertility/virility god exactly who looks like a ram otherwise a person with an excellent ram’s-head, for the town of Mendes, ultimately several other name getting Osiris.

Ba-Pef – Jesus off terror, particularly religious terror. His identity means “that spirit”. The guy lived-in our house from Woe from the afterlife and you may is actually known to afflict brand new king of Egypt. He had been never worshipped with a forehead but a good Cult off Ba-Pef lived to simply help appease the latest goodness and you may manage the brand new queen.

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